Top-3 Russian Kazan apps that will make your trip unforgettable

Very special Kazan girls and where to meet them

Kazan women can be called the most beautiful women in Russia. They do combine all inner and outward advantages of Slavic and Tatar values. It means they’re hot yet traditional!

It’s very easy to meet gorgeous Kazan girls online just not many men realize they exist in Russia. Which is bad because Kazan single women are the best and it’s a pity to miss them!

No. 3 Russian Kazan app

Badoo is used by all Russian girls without exception. Even if some of them don’t meet through them, they enjoy being rated high. So it’s popular in Kazan as well.

Girls in Tatarstan are very exotic and model-looking, thanks to the mix of genes, so they have all the reasons for making dozens of selfies. Do your best to rate them high and make the girls like you back!

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No. 2 Russian Kazan app

LovePlanet traditionally wins over Mamba and Tinder, because it is considered more qualitative and understandable. It has a huge database of hot Kazan girls.

Female members are encouraged to promote themselves and they don’t mind to pay some symbolic amount for that. So you easily see who is really interested and who is witty.

The main flaw of this app is a big number of local guys who compete with westerners. Also not many girls speak English. But in general, many of them can get interested.

No. 1 Russian Kazan app

Brilic is a rising star of Russian Kazan dating. It has been promoted a lot on Russian dating blogs so women started to trust its quality and results. There are plenty of single Kazan beauties!

They mostly expect to meet someone serious-minded and financially secure there, without the intermediation of local dating agencies. There is an automatic translation option available.


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Top dating tricks that may help you with Kazan girls

It’s not enough to find a pretty Kazan girl and gain her interest, one also needs to keep it. There are some ways to outrun all the competitors, and we are going to share them with you.

·      Show her appreciation. Russian men find it very hard to appreciate their women because there are too many beauties around and they are getting used to a big choice. Indigenous Tatar men are better in this regard since they have stronger family values , but their patriarchal views are preventing them from being too romantic and gentle. So in fact, your sincere compliments and sweet souvenirs are something new to a Kazan girl. If you show your appreciation daily, she’ll know you are the best!

·      Surprise her with gifts but don’t bribe her. Tatarstan is considered one of the Russian capitals, meaning its big size, rare architecture, and well-developed touristic infrastructure. No wonder local guys are better provided than Russians in poorer regions, and present nice gifts to girls they like. But you can make a difference, still. Don’t bribe her with expensive gifts, opt for many little souvenirs instead. She’ll see she is special for you.

·      Give her personal space.Tatar men are a bit controlling, and it happens that Russian men are too. There was a terrible case recently when a jealous Russian guy has burned down his young innocent girlfriend. So give her personal space and manifest your complete trust. It will be extremely refreshing for your Kazan girl!

·      Keep her parents in mind. Russian girls are attached to their families, but Tatar girls are even more. If her family is modern and progressive, at least bring some magnets and national souvenirs. If they are too traditionalistic, you may need to pay a visit of politeness as well, and show your good manners there.

·      Be sensual yet decent. Kazan girls are very passionate and sometimes even like to take initiative but they have some ethic restrictions. It’s better if you express your tenderness and desire in the most delicate way, without being too naughty or vulgar. They are going to like this combination, because local guys are either too cold or too dirty minded.

·      Give her perspectives. Local men can be as good and reliable as she wants, but Russians do not travel much so she will be stuck in Kazan forever. Broad her horizons by telling her about other places she may visit with you in future. This card is hard to beat, and you’ll remain the winner among all her admirers.

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What to do if you don’t want to marry

Not all western men seek mail order brides in Russia Kazan, some just want no strings attached relationships. Well it demands extra efforts because Kazan girls are very classical.

One of the ways to find an open-minded girl is to search for well-educated and well-travelled females. They usually reflect such an experience in their profiles so you won’t lose the track.

They already speak good English and started to adsorb western outlook, so they certainly know how typical it is for a civilised world to date for years without getting married.

Such Kazan girls already have progressively thinking parents so both of you don’t have to spend a lot of energy for convincing them you’re a good match.

Another way is to start educating your Kazan girl once you met her. If she’s young, she’ll perceive your ideas with a bigger enthusiasm and learn fast.

Tell her about the advantages of long-term dating: no wedding also means no divorce. If you’re stably respectful and generous towards her and her relatives, it’s more than enough.

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Provide her opportunities to travel together with you, discover new occupations and places, feed her curiosity every day – and she’ll have no reasons to complain at all!

It is also easier to have a deal with a young girl or a mature lady with a kid because the first one has chances to get married later and the second one already had this experience.

However, if you date a Kazan girl who is at perfect age for starting a family, i.e. 26-28 y.o., be ready that her mind will be completely occupied with the wedding thing.

It is recommended to date Kazan women of this age only in case if you’re also serious and you consider having a family with them one day in near future.


One-night-stands with Kazan girls: are they possible?

Lots of men who visit picturesque Kazan just for touristic purposes, are surely interested in quick hook-ups with local girls. It’s possible even in traditionalistic Kazan.

First of all, not all women in Tatarstan are exactly Tatar. Thanks to the former Soviet Union government, the majority of inhabitants there are Russian or mixed.

It means their mentality is somewhat close to that of Moscow kind. So, decent and conservative Tatar girls will most probably chose to sit at home at nights, while others will go out.

Therefore, you’ll have plenty of choices in one of the central nightclubs. Just be careful not to encounter a professional escort girl, or a taken girl whose boyfriend might get mad at you.

The recipe is the same as in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg: good qualitative alcohol may help, since it doesn’t turn a person off but sets their instincts free.

Interesting enough, but girls who attend nightclubs regularly, speak some English already because they hope to meet a foreign admirer and get some free drinks or meals.

So, being an interesting communicator is also great for hook-ups in Kazan. Just be respectful and always make sure you follow the lady’s desires, not only your own ones.

Tourists who have already visited Kazan, find it fascinating and very historical, with many possibilities both for casual affairs and more profound relationships.

It is reasonable to use Russian Kazan apps prior to travelling there, as it saves your time and guarantees finding someone with the same wants and mindsets.