Kazan women vs Ukrainian women: who is going to be your girlfriend?

The most touristic city of Russia you didn’t know about

If you know how popular Russian women are worldwide, you’ll probably be surprised by the fact that a Russian city Kazan has placed the third position in the list of popular European destinations.

Airbnb has rated it that high in 2018, and TripAdvisor did 4 years earlier. That’s pretty intriguing, if to take into account that Moscow or Kyiv didn’t place the first positions in these lists.

So are the women more beautiful there as well? Kazan as a capital of Tatarstan republic can be rather compared to Odessa where lots of mixed girls can be met as well.

Tatarstan, originally the Asian country, was not able to keep its ethnicity pure due to different historical events, so Russian women with the typical Slavic appearance prevail there.

But one can still see some girls with Asian features out there, and it makes them so hot-looking. Yet the appearance isn’t the only thing about Kazan girl that really rocks!


The unique advantages of Kazan women  

Kazan girls heritage turns them to unique brides and girlfriends that can honour a man who chooses them. They combine Russian women’s strong values with a traditionalistic Muslim culture.

It makes them so faithful in relationships, along with other wonderful qualities such as hospitality, feminine manners, healthy confidence, being hard-working and diligent.

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Kazan women beauty is beyond any competition. The mix of genes makes their faces so irresistible. Sorry Ukrainian girls! There are someone hotter than you.

You probably know about the phenomenon of Arab people some of which are born with blue or green eyes and blonde hair. The similar thing is happening to Tatar people.

Many of them do have blue eyes and pale skin, but those ones who don’t, look very exotic and exciting. Just like native Ukrainians, they tend to be dark-haired, dark-eyed, with olive skin.

Beauty queens of Tatarstan and other widely recognized hotties often have very big, almond-shaped eyes and it’s definitely sexy. Some of them have high cheekbones, too.

Now you’re probably disturbed by the fact that Kazan girls are mostly Muslim. First of all, there are many Christian churches and cathedrals in Kazan too, which attracts more tourists.

Secondly, Tatar Muslim people seem to be much less extreme than Islamic habitants of some other countries. One has to put more efforts to conquer a Tatar girl, that’s true.

But it’s because her local men are typically more decent, gallant, protective, charismatic, than other Russian guys. Not because they are aggressive or hostile towards her foreign admirers.

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Actually, it’s good for you as well that she grew up in the environment of decent and interesting men. Thanks to that, she will never turn into a man hater or a blindly radical feminist.

She might still chose you over locals if she is fond of travelling, speaks English, wants new horizons in life, has a western education, or if she simply is in love with you!


Other pros and cons of Tatar girls

Kazan women can be compared to Ukrainian ones by one more parameter, it’s cooking. Both cuisines are extremely variable and appetizing, in contrast to simple and heavy Russian dishes.

Tatar people cook a lot of meat dishes, mostly lamb and beef, with rice or potatoes. But they definitely make all typical Russian meals as well. Kazan girls are great chefs.

Tatarstan seems to be one of the latest places in the world where feminist movement could win. Local women do not find household duties boring at all. They’ll gladly serve you!

Another factor that surprisingly unites Tatarstan and Ukraine, is Crimea. Western people usually aren’t aware that Tatars are indigenous inhabitants of the Crimea.

Maybe it’s logical in some way that Russia now lists both Tatarstan and Crimea as her territories, having an agreement with Turkey about supporting and providing Tatar people.

But Ukrainians honestly used to perceive Crimea as a piece of their homeland, and be in great friendly relationship with Tatars. They also had mixed marriages in Crimea for decades.

For now, it’s still safer for foreigners to visit Tatarstan than Crimea, so if you want to meet a hot yet traditionally minded Tatar girl, you’re welcome to warm and sunny Kazan.

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By the way, both summers and winters in Tatarstan are pretty mild. There’s no big heat or big frost. But if you prefer hot beaches, choose Odessa or Berdyansk in Ukraine.

It’s really difficult to find Kazan girls’ flaws. They are perfect wives and perfect lovers. But since they are mixed with Russians, they may have same problems from time to time.

Some of them may party too hard, have problematic parents or siblings, badly paid work, or short-tempered character. But it’s not common and can be easily discovered on the beginning.


How to attract a Kazan girl vs Ukrainian girl?

There are many western men who are already experienced in Ukrainian dating. If you were dealing with genuine girls and learned how to attract or seduce them, it may help you in Kazan.

They do have something in common, as they are realistic and romantic at the same time and expect nice surprises from a man, although can be independent when necessary.

Both Kazan girls and Ukrainian women are healthily proud and extremely sensual in a bed. They have somewhat hotter sexual temper than Russians, especially North Russians.

But Ukrainians as pro-European folks and active travellers, tend to be more open-minded in matters of sex than Kazan women. They are only starting to open their mind in a modern way.

It means that you may need a longer courtship with a girl from Tatarstan, but you’ll be greatly rewarded as well! You can remain yourself though without playing any roles.

Kazan girls are extremely friendly and understanding. They are usually cheerful, smiling, positive, and easily forgive. But the communication should be built on mutual respect.

If you want to become her man, being old-fashioned helps a lot! Open the doors for her, bring the chair closer, take away her coat, present her flowers, and Kazan girl will be yours!

We would say, women from Tatarstan are easier to get although you wait for them longer. Ukrainian girls take decisions quickly but you always need strategies for warming up their interest.

Another important plus of Kazan girlfriends is that they aren’t very materialistic. They are thankful for your attention in any form, but that’s all. They do not demand or beg.

So basically you cannot buy their love if not to talk about professionals who exist in every country and town. You can only gradually gain their trust and romantic interest.

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How to date Kazan women online

Girls in Tatarstan date online just like all other women in the world. They mostly use Russian dating apps and sites and do not have a separate Kazan dating app.

Of course, there are local forums and social networks where they can meet guys from Tatarstan republic, but recently many of them are interested in foreign partners.

It happens because Russian people are more limited in travelling than Ukrainians, while Tatar girls are very curious by nature and like getting new impressions.

They are also very happy to meet other Muslim men from all over the world, while girls with Russian roots and Christian values living in Tatarstan are interested in Christian western men.

It is enjoyable to observe these beautiful women opening their horizons, and growing towards international marriages. Especially that they have so many attractive sides!

Since Kazan woman are so gorgeous and often model-looking, they like making a lot of selfies and set them as a main photo. They are flirting yet self-respecting online.

Tatar girls are very enthusiastic about things and their emotions are usually obvious, so you shouldn’t try to guess all the time whether they are interested or not. It’s very well seen!

If you are polite enough and you can get real soon enough, for example visit her when she is free, you have great chances to win over your Kazan hottie and open a new page in your life.